Does your past define you?


We all have a choice. All the time. This is something we so often forget, yet is so important to hold on to. It is especially true when we think about our past, or any hardships we have encountered along our journeys. Do we let these control us and define us? Do we let these black clouds linger over us, stalking our every move? Or, do we let them ignite us and fuel us – driving us forward and realising our passions?

The world is waking up to mental health. Slowly but surely, people are coming out with their own stories around their past and in particular mental health issues they have had. This is a brilliant movement, even if it is only the beginning, At some point in our lives we will all face mental health issues, diagnosed or otherwise, and how we then move past these is pivotal.

Coming off the back of problems or issues you have a choice. You face a crossroads of sorts; do you let this hang over you, the label forever embellished upon you, or do you let it ignite you, fuel you and drive you forwards? For many people, past issues become a burden. They begrudgingly carry around the mantel for years, often not disclosing but fearing its presence, terrified of the thought of it coming back. They are then forever running from its shadow, hiding their true self or even wearing a mask in the hope that this will allow them to be disguised from it. This is not a life worth living. Hiding behind pretence in fear can only mean you never realise your true potential.

Instead, you could chose the other path, and let your past issues motivate you and ignite your passion. See these as your timber, and let it stoke the flames. Coming off the back of problems makes you undeniably stronger. You now know what a dark place is and know you never want to go back there. You can see the world more brightly, appreciate your relationships and love more deeply. Each day is now a gift; one that you didn’t have before, and each bit of happiness is a blessing. If you are then ever stuck for motivation, just look back at how far you have come, and let that inspire you to be better everyday.

It really is up to you. You can let past problems control you or you control them. Which do you chose?


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