Everything has beauty


Once again I find it’s been a long time since I have blogged. Why, I ask myself? Well, I’ve used he excuse recently that my life is boring, that I have nothing interesting or exciting happening at the moment and so this isn’t worthy of a blog post. Yet where did this come from? Where did this pressure to only post, blog or share our lives only when it is “Instagram worthy” start to appear and is it holding us back from truly enjoying life?

I travel a lot with work. To me, it’s got to the point that I don’t like it. It gets exhausting and I long for time at home. However this also opens up some amazing opportunities. I get to visit some beautiful places, and encounter some amazing people (just the other day a taxi driver was an Afghan refugee having fled the country a few years ago, with an incredible story to tell). You might find yourself going through your day to day life thinking “well this is a bit dull. Nothing to post here”. You then might feel a bit deflated from this – especially if you then look at social media and see people doing exciting things and achieving all sorts of goals.

This constant “is it good enough for social media” scrutiny can leave us feeling down, bored, frustrated and even sad. The every lasting search for the perfect Instagram snap can mean you miss the small moment, those truly beautiful moments in your normal daily routine. In a similar way to mindfulness, noticing these small moments – how it feels as you brush your teeth, the taste of your morning coffee hitting your tongue, the smell of the morning air as you walk out your door – these small moments aren’t those that you can capture and share, but those that remind you that you are alive. These are the moments we can cherish and savour.

Your routine could seem monotonous but if you start to take note of the little things, you will begin to see beauty in even the most mundane tasks. Start speaking to those people you see everyday on your commute (I bet they have an amazing story to tell). Start really noticing how it feels on your usual leg day routine or long run, and notice the gradual burn in your legs and the surge of endorphin’s hitting your body. Start really savouring your usual breakfast or mid morning coffee and notice the taste on your tongue. Life is not about the “Instagram worthy” shots but instead about the experiences. So although it’s great to share the snapshots, don’t ever get yourself down by comparing to others and worrying your life is “too dull” – it’s not, it’s a thing of beauty.


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