Constantly Varied Gear – could they be the best crossfit clothes out there?!


I’m not one to write about companies. In fact I don’t think I ever have on this blog. I try and remain free from advertising brands or products, hoping that this can remain a place where you can (hopefully) find some inspiration, tips or just general advice. However, I’ve broken that rule, and for very good reason.

It’s not often I enjoy the process of buying things from America. So often I see ads of clothing over social media, think they look amazing, then see they are America and have a mini cry to myself. Experiences I have had with shipping have involved numerous things getting lost, presents taking a few months to arrive, and if things do ever arrive, they’re usually broken / torn / damaged in some way. Fair to say I avoid it as much as possible!

I had seen Constantly Varied Gear all over Instagram and loved their products, but once again thought it would be a bad choice (especially now in Scotland, which for some reason seems harder to get things to than England!). However, after speaking to the guys at the company, they sent a few bits over for me to try. I had my reservations, thinking that even if they did arrive it might be another case of ‘well these looked nice on Instagram but in real life they’re awful’ (we have all been there!)

You can imagine my surprise when less than two weeks later (10 days in fact), a parcel gets posted through my letterbox. It wasn’t even some ridiculously packaged box where I have to then desperately try and re-arrange delivery or else trek down to the delivery office. No, just a simple slim package through the letterbox. Opening it felt a little like Christmas – a lovely zip bag held inside two t shirts and leggings and the prints on them made me smile straight away. The big question did remain of would these leggings withstand the squat test, and thankfully, they held strong (and received a few comments along the lines of ‘well they look badass!’ which trust me, add a few kg to your squat instantly)

Overall review? I love the clothes and love the company. They are a very small place with only a few people working for them, and you would never once know this from their continued amazing customer service, and sheer quality of their products. Constantly Varied Gear – thank you for helping this Scottish girl feel badass.


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