How to balance running and lifting



I’ve been asked this a number of times; “how do you manage to go and do long runs/run marathons/ do ultra marathons, and still do strength training/compete? Surely the two don’t work together?”. Now, firstly I want to make clear, I haven’t entirely figured out the answer myself yet. It’s all about experimentation, and figuring out what is best for you, but along the way I have picked up more than a few tips to help you in your own journey. Continue reading “How to balance running and lifting”


Performance over appearence


Over the past couple of weeks I was obsessed by the Olympics. This is the highlight of my year, and I have been getting up at stupid o’clock to watch swimming finals, screaming at the TV over all the amazing sporting achievements. Watching these athletes at the top of their game is incredibly inspiring and can be hugely influential in getting people into sport. However there has been something that has clouded the action, and has been repeatedly commented on; the media’s representation of female athletes in comparison to the men. Continue reading “Performance over appearence”

How to be….an ultra runner


I enjoy a challenge, always have, always will. I find the labels that these challenges impose particularly interesting; over the past few years I’ve identified myself as a swimmer, a runner, a marathon runner, an ultra runner, a lifter, and now, although this label feels a bit premature, a bodybuilder. Yet what does it actually take to do these disciplines? What does that label mean? Of course, like any label, we can choose to call ourselves whatever we wish, but following many, many questions about training for these varied disciplines, I decided a short series was in order on what, in my opinion, is involved.

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How to start strength training


So you want to try adding in strength training to your workouts? Great news! Strength training will not only improve your overall fitness, it will increase muscle size, increase strength, aid weight loss, and most of all make you feel pretty amazing! The next question is where to start? The sight (and sound!) of the ‘bro zone’ in the gym can be enough to scare away anyone, and with  all the various odd looking machines and equipment, it can definitely be tempting to just stick to a mat or just stick to the cardio. I know that all too well, yet with a plan, an idea, and some confidence (or some good music!), you have all you need to start a killer strength workout.

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Travelling healthily

download (5)I have always loved travelling. Experiencing a new culture and a new environment, really opens your eyes to what’s important in life. Last week I went out to LA with a group of friends to see Tony Robbins at his Unleash the Power within seminar.. It was an incredible week; we packed so much in, seeing the sights, going to Universal Studios, and even spending the weekend in Vegas. I was keen to make sure that my hard work of the last few weeks of training didn’t all go to waste, so wanted to make sure I stayed healthy whilst abroad. Continue reading “Travelling healthily”

Why strong is the new skinny

8b37f719f1e2e5ec_shutterstock_204480592.xxxlarge_2xI’ve waited a short while to write about this, but this week I was horrified by an article in a national newspaper about how women aiming for abs were ‘deluded’ and ‘crazy’, that abs are ‘unhealthy’ for women, and that this was a ‘fad’. What’s more, this paper claimed that women are seeking abs to ‘show they are just as tough as men’. Not only was this article taking feminism back a good few decades, but it’s yet more of the body shaming we sadly have grown accustomed to in the UK. Continue reading “Why strong is the new skinny”

Why you should never go on a ‘diet’

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‘Diets’ seem to be all around; how many time a day do people talk about their new diet, or do you see one advertised in the media? Yet the ‘diet mentality’ sets us up for failure.

Think about it; the first three letters in diet, what are they? That’s right, they spell out die. Just by using the word, we are associated a highly negative thing to it, and so our brains associate diets with die. Before we have even started it seems we are doomed, as even if only subconsciously, our brain has made a negative connection with the word itself. Continue reading “Why you should never go on a ‘diet’”