Redefining your purpose with a career break


Tomorrow officially marks my last day of employment. I have spent the past four a half years with one of the Big 4 consultancies, progressing from a graduate to a Manager over the space of just a few years, and learning more than I thought possible. Despite a great start to my career, I’ve chosen to throw that in to start a ‘career break’. That term is often synonymous with people taking maternity leave, raising a family, or finding themselves unemployed due to factors outside of their control, so why would I forfeit such a great career? Isn’t that a bit crazy?

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Do what you love

Life is short. We get reminded of this a lot. I had a very stark reminder this week of just how short and unexpected life can be. It shocked me – even though I often tell people to be grateful for what they have as we just don’t know how long it (or we) will be around, this week really hit it home for me. There’s simply no time to waste.


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Be grateful


Since just after Christmas, I have been waking up every morning and immediately asking myself a series of questions. Within these are things such as; what will I achieve today, what excites, what are 3 goals I have and who is adding to my happiness. However the first question, and the most important one, is to list 10 things I am grateful for. This has already made such a difference to my happiness, and is a practice I will continue to do for the rest of the year.

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‘I’m just not a morning person!’

0615_kayak-sunrise_416x416People have often complained to me about how they struggle to get up in the morning. They will use a variety of excuses; they ‘just didn’t sleep well’, ‘the bed was too comfy ‘or the top offender ‘I’m just not a morning person’. I have probably been guilty myself of this in the past, but there really is no excuse for not being able to get out of bed at the time you want. If you’re struggling, you simply have the wrong strategy. Continue reading “‘I’m just not a morning person!’”