It’s not all about racing

images (3)Something I love about ultra running is the sense of camaraderie. Road races tend to be uber competitive; people pushing each other out the way, elbows out, tripping over thrown bottles. At London this year, a woman fell right in front of me. People just ran around her, yet she fell face first. I couldn’t just run by; I had to stop and help (although obviously stopped my Garmin whilst doing it! Hence the unofficial sub 4, but slight annoyance that the official time was over!). People just didn’t notice – so locked in on their own race and time and splits, that they don’t notice the world around them. This is where ultra running is completely different, and why I fell in love with it. Continue reading “It’s not all about racing”


R is for recovery

images (1)As you will know, just over a week ago, I ran my first 100km ultra race. It was an incredible experience, with several months of dedicated training leading up to it. Yet on finishing began another challenge; recovery. Continue reading “R is for recovery”

What it takes to run 100km

thames-path-challenge-route-mapThis is a post I have been excited to write for a while. Last weekend I ran my first 100km. I had decided towards the end of last year I wanted to do something big, and raise a lot for charity. I had already done a marathon, so this didn’t seem far enough. 50km? No, this also didn’t seem far enough, so 100km? It seemed crazy (I was told many, many times that it was indeed crazy), but once I’d decided, that was it, it had to be done. Continue reading “What it takes to run 100km”

What does it take to train for a marathon?

Runners cross Tower Bridge during the 2008 Flora London Marathon.

Running a marathon seems to be on the ‘must do’ list of many people throughout the world. In fact, every year we see more and more people attempt and complete a marathon.  I can  guarantee everyone reading this will at least know one person who has ran one. Why such a surge? The distance isn’t getting any shorter, it’s still a long way, and it isn’t getting any easier, so why do so many people now do it? Continue reading “What does it take to train for a marathon?”