What do I mean by ‘soul’?

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‘Soul’ can seem quite a big word, but when I use soul, I am referring to spirit, passion or purpose. Our soul is that which drives us, which makes us who we are. For some this is religious, referring to that which connects them to their religion, for others this will be their sense of connectivity to the outside world. Continue reading “What do I mean by ‘soul’?”


What is ‘healthy’?

downloadThe past few years have seen a huge rise in all things ‘healthy’; it seems wherever you look there is someone having a juice, going to a yoga class, or training for a triathlon. Particularly within the 20-40 age group, people are more conscious of health and fitness than ever before, which is, of course, a fantastic thing. Yet what does it actually mean to be ‘healthy’? Continue reading “What is ‘healthy’?”