Starting the ‘career break’ and the optimal level of stress


I am now into my third week of my ‘career break’. This has marked the official point of feeling ‘this is not a holiday anymore’ and realising that I am no longer employed. I now spend my days like the stereotypical ‘traveller’, albeit a fitness obsessed one; training, eating, reading and visiting any coffee shop I can.

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Redefining your purpose with a career break


Tomorrow officially marks my last day of employment. I have spent the past four a half years with one of the Big 4 consultancies, progressing from a graduate to a Manager over the space of just a few years, and learning more than I thought possible. Despite a great start to my career, I’ve chosen to throw that in to start a ‘career break’. That term is often synonymous with people taking maternity leave, raising a family, or finding themselves unemployed due to factors outside of their control, so why would I forfeit such a great career? Isn’t that a bit crazy?

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Constantly Varied Gear – could they be the best crossfit clothes out there?!


I’m not one to write about companies. In fact I don’t think I ever have on this blog. I try and remain free from advertising brands or products, hoping that this can remain a place where you can (hopefully) find some inspiration, tips or just general advice. However, I’ve broken that rule, and for very good reason.

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Everything has beauty


Once again I find it’s been a long time since I have blogged. Why, I ask myself? Well, I’ve used he excuse recently that my life is boring, that I have nothing interesting or exciting happening at the moment and so this isn’t worthy of a blog post. Yet where did this come from? Where did this pressure to only post, blog or share our lives only when it is “Instagram worthy” start to appear and is it holding us back from truly enjoying life?

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Does your past define you?


We all have a choice. All the time. This is something we so often forget, yet is so important to hold on to. It is especially true when we think about our past, or any hardships we have encountered along our journeys. Do we let these control us and define us? Do we let these black clouds linger over us, stalking our every move? Or, do we let them ignite us and fuel us – driving us forward and realising our passions? Continue reading “Does your past define you?”

How to balance running and lifting



I’ve been asked this a number of times; “how do you manage to go and do long runs/run marathons/ do ultra marathons, and still do strength training/compete? Surely the two don’t work together?”. Now, firstly I want to make clear, I haven’t entirely figured out the answer myself yet. It’s all about experimentation, and figuring out what is best for you, but along the way I have picked up more than a few tips to help you in your own journey. Continue reading “How to balance running and lifting”

Performance over appearence


Over the past couple of weeks I was obsessed by the Olympics. This is the highlight of my year, and I have been getting up at stupid o’clock to watch swimming finals, screaming at the TV over all the amazing sporting achievements. Watching these athletes at the top of their game is incredibly inspiring and can be hugely influential in getting people into sport. However there has been something that has clouded the action, and has been repeatedly commented on; the media’s representation of female athletes in comparison to the men. Continue reading “Performance over appearence”

When a smile hides tears…


‘Yes he seems to drink a lot, but he’s always smiling and happy so he can’t be an alcohol’. ‘Yes she seems really thin, but she always eats when I see her, so she can’t have an eating disorder’. ‘Sure, she gets upset from time to time, but so does everyone and she has a laugh with us, so she can’t be depressed’.

Do any of these statements seem familiar? Claiming someone ‘can’t’ be ill or have a mental health condition, as when they’re with you they ‘seem fine’ and don’t show those ‘signs’ of having a mental health problem?

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Its ok to not be ok

6359334533459330341051816909_tumblr_nhml6yauO51rki6evo1_1280The past few days I have not been myself. I have felt down, and just about everything has felt a struggle. At the time, this annoyed me – I was beating myself up over it, frustrated that given all the political events and horrific events happening in the world, I should be here feeling low. Well today, I changed that. I trained, I ran and I thought long and hard, and decided; “you know what? It’s ok to not be ok”. Continue reading “Its ok to not be ok”