Glitter, muscles and a whole lot of tan!

I’ve waited a little while to write this up, but after enjoying a week off tracking (meaning I can enjoy my Nutella!) I thought it was about time to write something about last weekend when I competed in my first ever bikini competition.

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Stepping outside of my comfort zone


In less than 2 weeks, I will be stepping on stage for my first ever bikini competition. The very thought of that terrifies me and excites me all at the same time. Many people have asked why, with a preconception of bikini competitions being an odd thing to do, particularly for someone who previously has had very low self-esteem. The whole bikini world can seem daunting, unfriendly and bizarre, yet more and more people are doing these competitions. Why?

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Strength in mind, strength in body

SNHF4255-2 (2)‘Strong’ is a word I really have grown to love. Alongside the whole ‘strong not skinny’ movement of the past year or so, ‘strong’ is now a key word in women’s health. Where we once saw stick thin girls grace every magazine, we can now see a collection of strong and healthy women. (Of course, being skinny is by no means bad, and should never, ever be shamed. Just to aim for skinny is, in my opinion, not healthy).

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How to be….an ultra runner


I enjoy a challenge, always have, always will. I find the labels that these challenges impose particularly interesting; over the past few years I’ve identified myself as a swimmer, a runner, a marathon runner, an ultra runner, a lifter, and now, although this label feels a bit premature, a bodybuilder. Yet what does it actually take to do these disciplines? What does that label mean? Of course, like any label, we can choose to call ourselves whatever we wish, but following many, many questions about training for these varied disciplines, I decided a short series was in order on what, in my opinion, is involved.

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How to save a life


Sometimes life can get tough. Things can be going great, and, seemingly from nowhere, the world can feel like it is crashing down around you. The emotions can be overwhelming and finding a way out of this dark place can be very difficult. If your friend or someone you love goes through this, and tells you they are down, what do you do? How can you help?

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Do what you love

Life is short. We get reminded of this a lot. I had a very stark reminder this week of just how short and unexpected life can be. It shocked me – even though I often tell people to be grateful for what they have as we just don’t know how long it (or we) will be around, this week really hit it home for me. There’s simply no time to waste.


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Be grateful


Since just after Christmas, I have been waking up every morning and immediately asking myself a series of questions. Within these are things such as; what will I achieve today, what excites, what are 3 goals I have and who is adding to my happiness. However the first question, and the most important one, is to list 10 things I am grateful for. This has already made such a difference to my happiness, and is a practice I will continue to do for the rest of the year.

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